Best Friends

Best Friends

two boys resentment

Two best friends that were cousins loved to play every day. They would play video games online and football outside. The two friends had many great times together. Laughing and playing all the time. Until one day they got into a fight over something simple. Harsh words were said and emotions ran wild. They went there separate ways holding resentment in there hearts.

As time went by, the two friends were no longer friends. They wouldn’t speak to one another because of the resentment they felt towards each other. Yet they were not aware of the signs of resentment. They both wondered if they would ever talk again. “Maybe if he would apologize,” they both thought. Years went by and still no communication. Would there ever be a reconciliation?

10 years had passed by and still the boys weren’t friends. One day they bumped into each other at a gas station. The resentment could be felt watching nearby. As the two best friends continued to despise each other. The boys left the store still angry with bitterness in their hearts.

40 years had passed by, and the boys still weren’t friends. One of the friends got a call from their mother. Telling him that his cousin had died. The boy couldn’t believe it. All the years that had gone by.

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